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Where is RJ Davis Co.?

With our large fleet of jockey trucks, you can count on RJ Davis to have a truck to fit your company's needs. We can custom-tailor a leasing package to fit your budget with no long term commitments. Lease by the day, week, month or year with no early cancellation penalty!  We also offer used equipment for sale.  Call us for inventory availability.

Do you prefer Capacity, Ottawa or Mack?  No matter what your preference, we have it!

Does your jockey truck need serviced? At RJ Davis we have a full service repair facility and service center. No matter what is wrong with your switcher, you can count on us to diagnose and solve the problem. We can pick your truck up at your location, drop off a "rental" so your company can keep moving, while we repair your truck at our shop.

 RJ Davis mechanics only repair what needs to be repaired! We NEVER give you ridiculous estimates of parts and services that you don't need.

With 3 full-time mechanics, our jockey truck division can make sure your truck gets the attention it needs. We can have you up and running faster than anyone. No one is more thorough when it comes to making sure your truck is running properly.

Be prepared to experience the BEST service in the area! The staff at RJ Davis wants to make sure the service on your equipment goes smoothly. We confirm the work you want done and we let you know what you may need at the time of the next service. You can trust RJ Davis Company to make sure you get the service you deserve at the best price possible.